Big Boy Room Custom Wall Gallery

DIY engineer prints = Inexpensive wall art

I’m very slowly beginning the process of decorating our new home, and focusing on the areas where inspiration strikes me the most. Dub’s room is the one I have the most concrete vision for, and I knew exactly where I wanted to start when I saw this idea for engineer prints for a boy’s room.

I immediately set out taking images of the things most important to Dub. He loved being able to be a part of it in this way. I sent the images to the FedEx copy store and ordered 18×24 engineer prints. Not only do I love how they turned out, but you can’t beat the price! All four for around $20.

I mounted the engineer prints to inexpensive particleboard with a white coating, so the wood color wouldn’t bleed through on my white images. I chose particleboard because I was worried that foam core would warp over time, and I plan to have these images up for years!

DIY Engineer Prints for Big Boy Room | FIve Marigolds

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