Complete Pink Princess Party for Less than $20

Princess Party + Free Printables

It’s official: Eve is 4 years old, and she had a birthday party fit for a princess.

You’ve already seen the Princess Candy Necklace and Candy Buttons custom favors I prepared (for less than $2 total!), but here’s a little refresher:

Printable Candy Necklace FavorsPrincess Candy Necklace Party Favors | Five Marigolds


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Homemade Candy ButtonsCandy Button Heart Crown Party Favors | Five Marigolds 

We created an extremely inexpensive table setting by purchasing five plastic tablecloths in two different colors from the dollar store. You can replicate the look by using  one color of tablecloth for your backdrop and base tablecloth. Then, use the three contrasting tablecloths to create the “curtains” and top tablecloth.  I Cut 12″ sections from the bottom of the curtains for the bows. Then, I bustled the uppertablecloth and secured it with safety pins. I used a 12″ strip of the base tablecloth to create the bow on the table. Voila! A super cute tablescape for just $5.

Easy Inexpensive Pink Princess Birthday Party Table Setting |

Next, I created a custom Princess Silhouette. Remember the silhouettes I made for the girls’ room? I made an easy modification in PhotoShop by making the background and silhouette our party colors. I labeled it “Princess Eve” using my favorite Jellyka Delicious Cake font. This time I had it printed at Costco for just $2.99 and reused the frame we scored at JoAnn’s for $3.99.

DIY Birthday Princess Silhouette Tutorial |

To make a special napkin ring, I used the leftover napkins from ‘Belle’s Bow Birthday Party and made these little princess dresses.  Cute, right? To make them:

  1. Make two folds on your napkin so the two outer edges meet in the middle.
  2. Then fold it one more time so that those two folds now touch back-to-back (and the side with those original outer edges is face out).
  3. On the folded side, cut a “V” into the napkin.
  4. Secure with a bow or glue a small piece of paper to secure, if desired.

That’s it! A festive napkin ring for no additional cost than the napkins and tableware you would have already supplied.

DIY Princess Dress Birthday Party Napkin Ring |

DIY Princess Dress Birthday Party Napkin Ring |

The center of attention on our Princess Party table setting was a sweet princess cake I got from our local bakery, Sweet Pea Cakes.  I then topped it with a gold paper tiara I made using scrapbook paper from JoAnn’s on my Silhouette SD. Or, just top your cake with a super inexpensive tiara favor that your princess can wear after the party.

Easy Inexpensive Pink Princess Birthday Party Table Setting |

Finally, in addition to the custom favors I made, I added some cute rings and bracelets from the Dollar Store that our little royal attendees could wear during the party.

DIY Complete Pink Princess Birthday Party $20 Favors + Table Setting |

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  1. Brandi Capps says:

    This is so awesome…..especially great for single parents who still want to lavish their princess on their big day but are limited on funds. you honestly cannot tell you didn’t spend a fortune on the décor. I love it. btw im so stealing your table cloth idea 🙂

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