60 Days into 2016: A Photographic Journey

This year one of my resolutions was to grow in photography. It’s a hobby I enjoy and more importantly, we are in the young family years and I don’t want to miss a thing!

To accomplish this, I committed to three things to push myself:

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  1. Started a 365 project (well, this year it’s actually a 366 project) – shooting a photo for each day. I joined a 365 group to keep me accountable – peer pressure does wonders!
  2. Committed to publishing each of these photos on Instagram – another source of self inflicted motivation for me to stick with it!
  3. Joined Shoot Along for tips, challenges, how-tos and photo prompts – and a great community for accountability.

Shoot Along has been a great new experience for me, because it’s truly designed for photographers at all levels. One week the prompt might be something I’m very familiar with, but still challenges me to work on that skill in a new way. The next week might prompt me to try something I’ve never done before. Topics have included reflection of light, the rule of thirds, shutter speed, aperture and more.

We’re only 60 days into 2016, and I’ve already captured some photos I know I’ll treasure forever. One even was selected to be published in a photography magazine, Momazine! It’s been such a huge surprise and encouragement to me on my journey.

Here are some of my favorite photos from each week in January and February:

Capturing a year in photos - my photography journey | Five Marigolds

Capturing a year in photos - my photography journey | Five Marigolds

Here are my best tips for keeping with a 365 project:

  • Keep your camera accessible at all times, to catch those moments. The best camera for the job is the one that’s near you!
  • Be aware – of your surroundings. This is almost like a muscle that I’m still developing. But I’ll tell you that years ago I would have never thought the take a photo of the way my daughter likes to pose in front of the mirror.
  • Aim for imperfection. That is, the perfect photo is the one that captures your life, not necessarily the one that is technically perfect or frame worthy. The goal of this project is to document your life – mess and all! And, the more I shoot, the more comfortable I get in a wide range of shooting situations.
  • Document the little things – this is one reason I wanted to do a 365 this year (and am crying that I didn’t do when the kids were younger!). But there is no time like the present, so I’m capturing things like my baby’s post-bath curls, her little hands, and her uber long lashes.
  • But also have fun with it! Since the goal of the project, to me, is to capture my family AND to challenge myself in photography, I try to have fun with it. That sometimes means posed photos that capture something meaningful about my child, but is also kinda just for fun 🙂

Are you interested in joining me to document your days? Join me in Shoot Along, and come hang out with me on Instagram!

Any questions? I love to talk photography! Shoot me a note in the comments below. Happy snapping!


17 thoughts on “60 Days into 2016: A Photographic Journey

  1. Meg says:

    I did a 365 project last year, and I LOVE the result of the effort I put in. While I have a lot of mediocre pictures (yours are beautiful, btw), I have some that I absolutely LOVE! P.S. – I love the one of your daughter twirling.

  2. [email protected] says:

    Awwww – I loooove your pictures! You are so creative and talented! 🙂 And I love the 365 project! I tried it a few years and got to the end of March before I stopped … and I’ve regretted it ever since then. You’ve inspired me to start again this year – but maybe just starting with the month. P/S Do you scrapbook? There’s a scrapbook style called “Project Life” where you scrap (or put into digital albums) a picture from every day of the year – a spread a week. It’s wonderful – you’ve got your pictures saved in an album that chronicles your entire year. If you’ve never heard of it, look up BeckyHiggins.com 🙂

    • fivemarigolds says:

      Thank you for the lovely feedback and for the great resource. I’m great at the taking pictures part, but horrible at the scrapbooking/photo album part! I’m glad I could inspire you to attempt starting a month of photos. <3

  3. Amanda says:

    I love these and too be honest am a bit jealous I didn’t know about Shoot 2016 sooner. I’m off to go look into it a little more now, looks like fun.

  4. Elizabeth O says:

    Good for you to have joined both groups. I love your photography and yes, with kids around, it is a smart time to document the their growth. I belong to a weekly photo group and enjoy it.

  5. Shellie Bowdoin says:

    I love your post! You’ve done such a great job of capturing the joy of youth in your pics. I have chosen this as one of my featured favs from last week’s Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. I will be featuring you on my site this week!

  6. Annette Daly says:

    You are very inspiring. I have always taken pictures on the auto setting until recently. My first attempt to use the right apeture, ISO, and light exposure was an epic fail…. but I’m going to hang in there. Good for you going for this challenge!

  7. Jenn Peters says:

    Um your photos are always **gorgeous.** Please don’t doubt yourself and please keep it up! Especially with those little affirmations of your skill (magazine? whoa!). Photography is something I love, but I just use my iPhone for now. Someday I’d love to try out DSLR, makes such a huge difference! Thank you, as always, for sharing on the #SundayBlogHop I always enjoy seeing what you’re sharing and crafting 🙂

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