Celebrating Time Together + JORD Giveaway

A big thanks to the team at JORD Wood Watches for the wrist upgrade, and for sponsoring this post.

Halloween has come and gone,and the holiday season is officially here – according to retailers and advertisers. As a prequel to the holiday prep that is soon to come here on the blog and elsewhere, today I’m taking a moment to talk about the best gift we can give to each other, all year long: the gift of time.

You see, sometimes I get so focused on task lists, places to go,  and whatever Google calendar says I need to get done, that I forget to slow down and savor the moments. Yes, even my #366 project, designed to help me stay in the moment, turns into a chore at times.

Case in point: A few weeks ago, my husband and I took the family to our favorite pumpkin patch. The weather was miserable, the ground was super muddy, and the place was crowded. I found myself rushing the kids through our traditions: running through the maze, picking out the perfect pumpkin, and of course, the requisite photos. When we got back to the car with our finds, I felt guilty. In my selfish effort to get past my own discomforts and cross the task off my checklist, I’d rushed everyone through the motions. I declared a do-over.

This year is our 12 year wedding anniversary. In those 12 years we’ve lived in two homes, had three kids and shared hundreds of laughs, tears and memories. The Gift of Time + Jord watch giveaway #JordWatch #giveaway #ad

We are in such a busy phase of life, that we need to carve out more moments away from the commitments, obligations and tasks of daily life. Time to just breathe.

So, this week our youngest and I stole him away from work for a few hours, while the big kids were at school. The Gift of Time + Jord watch giveaway #JordWatch #ad

We picked up some coffee (and a kids’ hot cocoa), then headed back to the patch.The Gift of Time + Jord watch giveaway  #JordWatch #ad

We strolled through, this time free of crowds and time constraints.

It was very simple, but much needed. I remembered that the best thing we can give each other in this stage of parenting and marriage is time.The Gift of Time + Jord watch giveaway  #JordWatch #ad

This time to recharge was just what we needed…but I also did a little something extra. It was there that I gave him his anniversary gift, the beautiful JORD watch that he had been eyeing for months. Yes, it’s really wood – sandalwood to be exact.The Gift of Time + Jord watch giveaway | Five Marigolds  #JordWatch #ad

it’s extra special because it matches the wood inlay ring I got for him last year. And, because it’s made from real wood, it’s 100% unique.

I hope when he looks at it, he is reminded of all our moments shared, and thinks of the many more that are to come.The Gift of Time + Jord watch giveaway | Five Marigolds  #JordWatch #ad

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve partnered with JORD to help you get in on this wrist upgrade, as well.* They’re giving away 100 $20 e-gift codes for my readers, and one lucky winner will win a $75 e-gift code! All you have to do is go here and claim yours to use it toward the watch of your choice.


*Don’t miss out on the Jord watch giveaway! The contest will close 11/20/16 at 11:59pm. Both the $75 and the $20 codes will expire on 2/28/2017.

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