Bless This Mess: Face Painting Kids’ Activity

Confessions of a (semi-) reformed Neat Freak Mom

I have a confession. I’m not a fun mom. I love to peruse Pinterest and find activities that my kids will enjoy, but when it comes to the actual DOING of the activities, I have a tendency to squash fun with my “clean as you go” mentality.

My oldest daughter is a creator. An artist. An, “I’ll just throw this over there in the corner” sort of gal.

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The mom struggle is REAL.

However, there is real joy in seeing our kids develop and grow into individuals with unique abilities, talents and interests. I want to be the kind of mom who fosters those things, instead of stifling those things byf fostering my own unique interest in, well, cleanliness.

So, I took a leap at Christmas when I got my daughter a face painting kit. Just a basic kit with a few colors and instructions. You would have thought we’d given her the moon. She could NOT believe we would allow – even encourage – this activity.

Bless This Mess: Face Painting Kids' Activity

This gift didn’t magically make me embrace mess. Nope.

But it DID bring me great joy. I love watching her create. I love how it’s an activity that she and her siblings enjoy together without fighting (say whaaa?!). Evelyn loves to serve others by giving them the gift of this art.Bless This Mess: Face Painting Kids' Activity

I love how she gets to see a direct correlation of how art – HER art – can bring others joy.Bless This Mess: Face Painting Kids' Activity

And, guess what? It’s actually been a remarkably clean activity. For real!

I keep all of her supplies in a plastic, gallon-sized storage bag: her paints, instructions, brushes, and a package of Kleenex Wet Wipes.Bless This Mess: Face Painting Kids' Activity

These wipes remove it all – from messy hands and painted faces. Even my five year old can remove all of her face paint with just one of the wipes.

This means I don’t have to get involved…AT ALL.  Bless.Bless This Mess: Face Painting Kids' Activity

Wouldn’t it be cool if she was able to turn face painting into a little kidpreneur endeavor someday?! Okay, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. But, she’s already pretty darn good at it!

The Kleenex Wet Wipes I mentioned are also perfect for on-the-go. I stack a package in my glove compartment for the inevitable carpool mess!

You can find them at your local Target store in the facial tissue aisle, or at

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