The Best Advice I Can Give My Kids + Giveaway!

advice for kids this back to school season

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If I can think of one piece of advice I’ve given to each of my kids multiple times over the years it’s this:

The best advice for back to school season

Just be yourself.

That’s it – the best advice for back to school season.

As parents, we tend to project our own experiences and insecurities on our kids, because we want to protect them. I know I’ve learned many lessons the hard way, and I’d sure love for my kids to be able to learn from my mistakes instead of repeating them.

With age comes the benefit of clarity, and I can say with confidence, that I could have avoided so many problems growing up if I’d just stayed true to myself.

This year, as all three kids prepared to start school full-time I found myself repeating this mantra to all three: just be yourself! Shine your light! Let people appreciate your unique qualities.

Back to School, as a kid, was always synonymous with adding a few fall weather clothes to my closet, so I love seeing this through my own kids’ eyes now. This year, I asked them to pick their Back To School outfit from one of our favorite places – OshKosh. This year, they launched their #beyourself campaign – how perfect is that?

Let me introduce you to my unique three:

The best advice for back to school season

My youngest daughter is the true “baby” of the family. She loves animals, laughing, playing, and snuggling with mom and dad. She still lets me pick out her outfits (with her help) and I’m just melting at these adorable floral bibs and ruffle sleeves. She’s growing so fast – she’s almost grown out of the “toddler” section at OshKosh B’gosh. Hold me now.The best advice I can give my kids this back to school season

She was so excited to start Kindergarten this year, but she was also nervous! I told her to be kind to others and be a good friend, and she would make many good friends in return.

The best advice for back to school season

Full of spunk and big ideas, our middle daughter is a force. She has the kind of presence that you feel when she walks in a room, with big laughter, big feeling and big personality. She’s all sparkle and shine, so of course she has sequins on her tee and glitter on her denim. Of course.

The best advice for back to school season

Still, as she gets older, her brazen self-confidence begins to waver at times. I’m trying to hard to help her keep that spark that makes her who she is. “Just be yourself. Don’t let anyone dim your light.”

The best advice I can give my kids this back to school season

Our firstborn is the thinker. He analyzes, pulls apart and and puts together every concept, experiment or theory he learns. He’s a voracious reader, which only slightly offsets his passion for all things digital. He loves coding and building games online for other kids to play. His shirt says, “Not lazy, just buffering.”  Perfect. 🙂

Okay, so I picked out the button down. It’s back to school for goodness sake – doesn’t he look sharp? I’m so glad OshKosh recently expanded their size offering up to size 14!
The best advice I can give my kids this back to school season

As you can see, they are all as different as can be, but they are all amazing, gifted, funny, bright and loved.

The best advice for back to school season

best advice for back to school

It’s not easy, this first year of having all “big” kids at school every day. But I know this: if they remain true to themselves, their beliefs, and what makes them uniquely and wonderfully made – they will do just fine.

I’m so thankful I get to be their mom.

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What’s your best advice for back to school season? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “The Best Advice I Can Give My Kids + Giveaway!


    “Being yourself” is excellent advice for back-to-school season. Also “getting plenty of sleep” and “doing homework before playing” is big advice in my house. Your kids look great in their OshKosh styles!

  2. Cayla says:

    Love this post and all of the beautiful pictures! I bet it can be so tough once kids go back to school, but great advice on reminding them to stay true to themselves.

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