Comfort Food Swaps for Fall

Simple food swaps to for a healthier family

These easy comfort food swaps will lighten up your winter meal planning.

Simple Comfort Food Swaps for Fall | Five Marigolds

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Chilly temps in this house ushers in comfort food season. Lately I’ve been experimenting with meal planning for a full month at a time. This monthly meal planning started with  the goal of lowering the budget – which has been hugely successful. I estimate we save  33% per month on groceries just by being intentional about what I plan to prepare and when.

An added bonus to this process has been a better big picture look at the foods I’m serving my family. I noticed as the temps got colder, the menu changed to more carb-focused comfort foods and casseroles.

This is where I’ve got to be honest: zoodles just don’t cut it in this household. Yes, I’ll employ them when I’m on a strict diet, but I don’t regularly consider zoodles to be a satisfying substitute for pasta.

I’m just not that strong of a woman.

But, I’m all about easy swaps that introduce more veggies and less carbs – without the feeling of deprivation.

Today I’m going to share some new favorite food swaps that are making it into the monthly meal rotation.

This month we tried the NEW RAGÚ® Simply Chunky Marinara Pasta Sauce for one of those swaps. We make pasta at least twice per month and it’s my son’s favorite meal – so any swap has to be as good as his favorite RAGÚ® sauce. NEW RAGÚ Simply Pasta Sauces are made with 100% olive oil and contain no added sugar. Happily, it tastes just as great as the other RAGÚ sauces, and is approved by my son!

Simple Comfort Food Swaps for Fall | Five Marigolds

Ever hear of tricking kids by hiding veggies in their foods? I am pleased to report I actually tricked myself by subbing Cali’flour Pizza Crust & Penne pasta.

I never even knew Cauliflower pasta was a thing before I tried this Cauliflower & Yellow Lentil Penne, It’s made with only two ingredients, and is gluten free and low glycemic. But the important part – it tastes good. The texture is like true al dente pasta. Perfect! Didn’t feel like a sacrifice at all.

I’ve never, ever tried Cauliflower pizza crust before, because I had heard so many bad reviews out there. I’m so glad this was my first attempt at it! The Original Italian Cauliflower Pizza Crust is made with four simple ingredients, and is 180 calories for the entire crust! And, it’s low carb and gluten free. We used RAGÚ® Simply Chunky Marinara Pasta Sauce and topped it with our favorite traditional ingredients: peppers, onions, cheese, mushrooms and pepperoni.

If you would like to try either for yourself,  visit the Cali’flour Foods site and code NOFUSSFOODS for 15% off your order (plus free shipping). This offer cannot be combined with other discount codes or promos. There is no expiration date – however the coupon code is only good for one use per customer.Simple Comfort Food Swaps for Fall | Five Marigolds

Remember how I mentioned hidden veggies in kids’ foods? Well, my kids are on to Garden Lites, and are huge fans – veggies and all!

The first ingredient in Garden Lites Blueberry Oat Muffins is zucchini! I love that my kids are getting their veggies in, and they love the flavor. They’re perfect for breakfast, popping in lunchboxes (they’re allergy and nut free!), or for an after school snack. We go through these FAST!

I’m also loving the Garden Lites Superfood Veggie Cakes – they are delish when lightly toasted in the oven for a veggie-packed breakfast.

Get $1.00 off in store purchases, using the Garden Lites Store Finder. Or, get 20% off your online purchase when you use code BABBLE20 at their online store.

Simple Comfort Food Swaps for Fall | Five Marigolds

This last simple swap is all mine. I wake up extra early, so I find myself drinking a lot of coffee and experimenting a lot. This month I’ve switched up my routine by getting an 11 oz. bag of Red Diamond Classic Blend Ground Coffee.  Red Diamond actually guarantees it is the best tasting coffee you’ll find anywhere! Their coffee beans are grown at only a high altitude, hand picked, sundried and roasted in small batches.

While I’m an iced coffee drinker year-round, I’ve been switching up my routine by preparing it hot. While my favorite is adding creamer, I’m trying to swap that out for a healthier option, too. These days, I’m adding just a splash of milk to complement the flavor.

Want to try it for yourself? You can get 20% off of your Red Diamond coffee purchase using the code coffee2018. This offer is good until midnight Central Time on 12/31/18. You can find it near you by using their store finder.

Simple Comfort Food Swaps for Fall | Five Marigolds

What do you think of my simple comfort food swaps for fall? I’d love to hear your favorite swaps in the comments below!

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