Bring Spring Indoors with these DIY Spring Cleaning Mom Hacks

Simple, budget-friendly mom hacks and must-haves your grandma would be proud of.

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My grandma Edith lived one of the most simply abundant lives I’ve ever witnessed. Having lived through the Great Depression, my grandma lived a life that many consider trendy and novel now. She reused. Recycled. Upcycled. Ate from her farm and garden, and prepared meals from scratch. Dried clothes outside on the line. Many of her cleaning products were homemade… and her potpourri was, too!

This past year has been all about simplifying for our family. Inspired by my Grandma Edith – I’m sharing some easy tips for bringing spring indoors with simple, budget-friendly mom hacks and must-haves.

Budget friendly spring cleaning mom hacks

This spring I wanted to bring a little bit of spring indoors, using ideas Grandma Edith would approve of. Today, I’m sharing my ideas and must-haves for a healthy, much needed spring clean makeover.

Decorate with fruits – Grandma always had a cutting garden for picking flowers and I’ve been trying to create the same for my home. Of course, here in the Midwest flowers aren’t blooming quite yet, so I love using fruits to add pops of color in the kitchen. Add them to a pretty serving bowl and the fruit has a way of getting used up way quicker in our house!

Budget friendly spring cleaning mom hacks

If you have a few citrus fruits that didn’t get eaten in time, don’t worry! There are tons of uses for expired fruit.

Bring the scent of spring indoors with an easy Citrus & Rosemary Simmer Pot. My grandma always had little jars of homemade potpourri around the house, made from dried roses and citrus peels. I decided to make my own spring potpourri simmer pot using lemons, mandarin oranges, rosemary and vanilla extract. I read that both lemon and rosemary have mood enhancement properties – and the old adage “rosemary for remembrance” is actually true! This cheerful simmer pot really is the cure for spring fever.Budget friendly spring cleaning mom hacks

The leftover peels have yet another use. For a natural drain freshener, pour baking soda down your kitchen drain, followed by the peels and a little of the leftover vinegar. Let the mixture fizz while it combines. When it’s done, flip on the garbage disposal and let the fresh citrus scent fill the air while your drain gets clean.Budget friendly spring cleaning mom hacks

While it’s still too cool here to throw the windows open and let the fresh air in, there is another way I can bring the spring indoors. There are so many beautiful, low-maintenance plants that are known for being natural air purifyers, and we have several of them throughout our home. Snake plants, Aloe Vera, tillandsias (air plants) and philodendrons are just a few of my favorites – and I have them all!

Another area where we’ve simplified is with our household cleaners. That’s why we use  Cascade pure essentials dishwasher detergent. It is free of phosphates and chlorine bleach, but chock-full of the power needed to get our dishes and silverware sparkling. Cascade pure essentials is a simplified formula (with 1/3 biobased ingredients) that has reliable results.Budget friendly spring cleaning mom hacks

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What do you think of my DIY ideas and must-haves for spring cleaning? Do you have any tried and true tricks or must-haves? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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