My Summer Routine as a Work From Home Mom

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Last year, I wrote a post my daily routine as a work from home mom. I was a little surprised by how many of you were interested in the ins and outs of my typical day. Because my children are all school age, that routine changes significantly in the summer! Today I’m going to share my summer routine as a work from home mom.

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My summer Routine as a work from home mom | Five Marigolds

One of my favorite things about self-employment is that my routine is always changing. These days, my goal is to wake up at around 6:00 a.m. to start my day (a luxurious wake-up time compared to my schedule last winter!).

My kids are early risers, so while this doesn’t give me a kid-free jump start to the day, it does give me time to start my day with gratitude. I write in my digital journal every day to center myself and start the day with the right perspective.

My summer Routine as a work from home mom

From there, I head to a quiet space to get an early start to my work day.

Meanwhile, the kids have their own morning routine.

After eating breakfast and getting themselves ready for the day, they have two things they have to do before they can spend time on media or play outside.

Summer Reading Plan

This summer, I’ve challenged the kids to read at least one book per week.

They get to choose the books on their own. However, they need to read at least one biography and one non-fiction book geared toward help them grow or learn a life skill – whether it’s business, money management, a skill to practice (like knitting, cooking, etc.) or faith.

At the end of the summer, they will write one book report and give a presentation on their biography or non-fiction book.

They all love to read, so they welcome this part of their routine! The book report…not so much.


We believe putting our kids in charge of age-appropriate chores is an important life skill that helps teach them to be more responsible, selfless and service-minded.

You’d be surprised at how young kids take pride in helping out! By the age of 3, our kids began helping with simple tasks like watering the plants and putting silverware away out of the dishwasher. (See my graphic chore chart for toddlers, here!)

I get a lot of questions about our commission-based chore system posted in my Stories, so I thought I’d take the time to blog about it here.

Daily Chores

First, each of our kids has 1-2 daily chores that they do as a contributing member of our family. In other words, we all pitch in and help to make our household run smoothly. For example, our two oldest children take turns loading and unloading the dishwasher. When one person doesn’t do their job in a timely manner, dishes start to pile up and get out of hand quickly. It becomes clear just how important their small role is for our household.commission based chore system for kids

Weekly Chores

Our weekly chores are what comprise our commission system-based chores. Depending on how motivated they are, each child has the option to make potentially unlimited money by how many chores they choose to take on.

We have envelopes filled with $1-3 for each chore designated. For example:

  • Vacuum the main level – $1
  • Mop $1
  • Make dinner – $1
  • Pick up the basement – $2
  • Clean the bathrooms – $3

At any given time, I decide which chores are available to choose. They can choose a chore and get instant cash whenever they want. The only hitch – you snooze; you lose. All the “easy” chores get chosen first, and the less desirable are the last ones left.

I found out quickly how self-motivated each of my kids are with this system!

This used to be a 100% self-motivated system, but I actually had to implement a mandatory 1-per-week rule to keep the less motivated kids productive. 🙂

Snack Time

I’ll be honest, one of the most frustrating interruptions when I’m on a roll with work is *another* request for a snack.

One way we’ve helped streamline our snack routine (or lack thereof) is by stocking the fridge and pantry with nutritious snacks, like fresh fruits and veggies, air-popped popcorn, cheese and yogurt. Our favorite yogurt is FAGE Total Split Cups with creamy Greek yogurt and delicious fruit toppings.My summer Routine as a work from home mom

We love them because they are delicious. But, what keeps me stocking up on them is that they are all-natural with 30% less sugar, and they help keep us satisfied in between meals or on-the go.

Family Fun

Any mom knows that the above list takes 1 hour, maximum, each day! I have to find ways of being present throughout the day amid a busy work schedule.

Sometimes that means a quick mid-day bike ride, hopping over to the neighborhood park to enjoy a picnic lunch together, or cutting out early for the day to go to the pool.

Outdoor picnic

Other times, it means allowing them way too much media time until I’m “off” for the day.

I never know what my day will hold, so I’m always prepared with a “go-bag” stocked with sunscreen, bug spray, socks (for indoor play lands), hand wipes, water bottles and snacks.

My summer Routine as a work from home mom

Again, our ready-to-go snacks come to the rescue here, like FAGE Total Split Cups. (Click here to find them at a store near you!)

My summer Routine as a work from home mom

If you’ve gotten this far, I just want to be clear: working from home with kids is hard! Despite the challenges we face, we tend to fall into a great summer routine quickly. While I don’t want to over-simplify the challenges and guilt that can come into play when working at home; I absolutely love the additional time we have together, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My summer Routine as a work from home momWhat are you planning for your summer routine? What are your go-to nutritious snacks? Please tell me about it in the comments below!


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