What It’s Like to Leave a Six-Figure Career

My Transition From Career Mom to mom Blogger + Everything In Between

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Today I’m going to share something a little more personal than usual. As this blog grows, I’m learning how important it is to put myself out there, even when it’s not in my comfort zone. Over the past year, I’ve had more and more people reach out to me to ask how I’ve grown the blog and turned my love for DIY into a side hustle. I’m always thrilled to answer these individual questions and try to keep it very real with those who have similar aspirations. But, for fear of ever making my life as mom and blogger look seamless, and not the work in progress that it is, I’m ready to share more about my story right here in the open.

The truth is, I’ve had many roles since becoming a mom – full-time working mom, stay at home mom (SAHM) and everything in between. You’ve likely heard the phrase “Mommy Wars” – the controversy amongst moms about what we feel we “should” do vs. what we “want” to do in the working world, and of course, vs. what we “have” to do. Today I’m sharing something that’s been brewing in my mind for years, my own “Inner Mommy Wars.”

Since becoming a mother, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to experience motherhood in so many ways. I’ve been a full-time career woman, a part-time freelancer, a full-time SAHM, and a part-time work from home (micro) entrepreneur. I’m so thankful that in recent years I’ve had the luxury of being able to choose the role I wanted for my life. However, I haven’t always “had it my way.”The Inner Mommy Wars | Five Marigolds

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Our DIY Fixer Upper Story

Part 1: Building Our Dream Home While Getting Out of Debt

I’m so excited to have my friend and fellow blogger, Alicia Bertram, guest posting today to share her family’s incredible story of building their dream home, nail by nail, ¬†from start to finish. This, all while paying off consumer debt and making some crazy decisions along the way to reach their goals!Our DIY Fixer Upper Story: Building our Dram Home While Getting Out of Consumer Debt | Five Marigolds

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How I Earn $500+ Per Month In My Spare Time

Easy Money Making Ideas Anyone Can Do

When my husband and I were discussing the possibility of me leaving the workforce to become a single income family, it was very scary, financially. My income was an important contribution to our family’s finances, but after the birth of our third child I really wanted to spend time home with the kids.

Little did I know at that time, I’d find a number of ways to add to the family’s income, beyond the contribution a stay at home mom makes in the day to day work she does for her own family.

Today I’m going to show you how I earn $500 per month in my spare time and how I hope to triple¬†that in 2017. I plan to revisit these strategies later this year to update readers on my progress so you can use these for yourself.How I make an extra $500 per month in my spare time. | Five Marigolds

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