Free Halloween Costume: Bank Robber

DIY Costumes that don’t suck

Shop your closet for this free Halloween Costume idea – an old school bank robber. I love that this costume is totally cute and could be pulled together with items you probably already own, especially if you’re a mom. Or, keep reading to find out how you can shop this look.

diy bank robber costume

This bank robber costume is perfect for any of those awkward Halloween social events. You know the ones – dressing up at work, the costume party where you don’t really believe anyone will show up…
This costume is just normal enough that you’ll be totally comfortable, but recognizable enough that you get full points for dressing up.
Better yet? Most people can find most of these things right in their own closet.

Shop your own closet for free and fabulous costumes this Halloween! Love this bank robber costume idea.

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