My Experience and Personal Review: WPBeginner

My WpBeginner Review

When I first started this little blog, I had no idea what I was doing! I went to, where I saw I could pick your domain right there and be up in running in minutes. Perfect! No dealing with external hosts and domains. It seemed like the right choice for a blog I was writing for a hobby.

After a few months though, it became apparent I needed the versatility of, but I had no idea how to convert my blog without losing all my data or formatting. So I sat on it. For nearly another two years. That’s when I stumbled upon WPbeginner – a site that offers great content and information, but also offers to set up your WordPress blog or convert it…for free! That seemed too good to be true, and there wasn’t a lot out there on whether this was a legit site. However, I’d read two positive reviews and was desperate enough to take a leap of faith.

Today, I’m sharing my positive WPbeginner review in the hopes that it will help other people who are in my shoes.

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