Healthy Halloween Snack Plate

This Festive and Healthy Halloween Snack Plate is sponsored by Nellie’s Free Range Eggs. All opinions are my own.

Halloween is often synonymous with the sugary treats we all love to give and receive on Beggar’s Night, but today I want to share a super cute snack plate that is healthy and totally simple to make!

This plate features Franken-kiwis, cheese brooms, boo-nanas, straw-mummies, clementine pumpkins, and spider eggs. 

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Let’s get started!

The easiest treat to whip up for this Halloween snack plate are the clementine pumpkins. Just peel and add a piece of celery to create a cute pumpkin stem. 

For the cheese brooms, cut a stick of  string cheese in half or in thirds. Use a paring knife to slice the “bristles.” To finish, insert a pretzel stick into the top to create the broom handle. Yum!

I was inspired by a magazine at the doctor’s office (so I have no idea of the magazine or the issue!) to create these super cute Franken-kiwis!

Just slice the bottom of your kiwi so that it can stand on one end. Then, slice the remaining kiwi in half length wise to create two Franken-kiwis, with the stem on top.

In a small measuring cup, add 1/4 C chocolate chips and a teaspoon of oil, then microwave in 30 second increments until the chocolate is melted. To create a piping bag, pour the chocolate into a resealable plastic bag, then remove a very small portion of the bottom corner using scissors.

Working quickly, pipe a chocolate scar and mouth to each Franken-kiwi. Then, pipe two small dots to help adhere the candy eyes. Add small pieces of pretzel sticks to finish.

To make boo-nanas, peel and slice large bananas in half. Then, use your melted chocolate to make eyes and a ghostly mouth. Be sure to save this one until right before you’re ready to serve, so you don’t end up with brown ghosts! 

Follow the same procedure for melting white chocolate for the straw-mummies and drizzle to create the look of mummy bandages. Pipe dark chocolate for the eyes, or you can use mini chocolate chips like I did.

Finally, add some deviled eggs for some protein! We prefer Nellie’s Free Range Eggs because we have found they have the best flavor and have pretty golden yolks thanks to the varied diet of the Certified Humane Free RangeCertified Humane Free Range hens. 

You can find my go-to method for making hard boiled eggs here. Then, follow your favorite deviled egg recipe.

To make the spiders, slice black pitted olives in half length-wise to create the bodies. Then use the remaining halves to slice spider legs. Gently press into the deviled egg fillings for a spooky presentation!

What else would you add to this spooky snack plate? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Halloween!


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