The Best Vanilla Almond Sugar Cut-Out Cookies

Vanilla Almond Sugar Cut-Out Cookies | Five MarigoldsThis year I tried my new favorite sugar cookie recipe. A friend recently made them and I couldn’t. stop. eating them. My favorite part of this recipe is that this dough does not have to be refrigerated before cutting out shapes – perfect for impatient bakers like me!

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Vanilla Almond Sugar Cut Out Cookies | Five Marigolds

I wasn’t able to find a source for her recipe, so I went online to find it to give it proper credit. That’s when I stumbled on Bake 350’s Vanilla Almond Sugar Cookie recipe. It is nearly the exact recipe – only hers included the modification I’d already made all on my own – the addition of almond extract. Perfect.Vanilla Almond Sugar Cut Out Cookies | Five Marigolds

It just so happens that I’d already made my cookies using her royal icing recipe. Two plugs for this fabulous baking site! As it turns out, these cookies look way harder to decorate than they are. I made easy work of it by edging the cookies with just one piping bagtip, and fasteners using the saran wrap trick!Vanilla Almond Sugar Cut-Out Cookies | Five Marigolds

To flood the rest of the cookies, I slowly diluted the icing  to get the right consistency, then I poured my colors into these squeeze bottles and frosted. I love mixing my icing in silicone bowls, which makes it super easy to pour them into the squeeze bottles or my piping bag.

Vanilla Almond Sugar Cut Out Cookies | Five MarigoldsSince we were celebrating Christmas a full month early with one side of our family, I wasn’t quite ready for traditional colored cookies with vibrant reds and greens. I chose pastel pinks, blues and greens, and I love how they turned out!

Vanilla Almond Sugar Cut Out Cookies | Five Marigolds

What is your favorite Christmas cookie recipe? Tell me in the comments below –  I’m always looking for something new to try!

9 thoughts on “The Best Vanilla Almond Sugar Cut-Out Cookies

  1. lynn says:

    Hi Rochelle, this cookies not only look great, but must taste great also because of the addition of the almond extract. I look forward to baking them with my daughter when she returns home for school, so will pin them for then.
    Thanks for sharing, Lynn

  2. Ducks n a Row says:

    These cookies are so perfect! I want to learn how to do them like these 🙂 A true work of art.
    Pinning and yumming them — oh tweeting, too.
    Would love it if you’d stop by at my party this coming Tues eve 7pm ET to share this post. My readers will love it, too!
    Sinea from Ducks ‘n a Row

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