Halloween Costume: Where’s Waldo (for her)

Last-minute Halloween party? The dreaded “costume required” work day? Or, headed to a social event where you’re not quite sure everyone will actually dress up? Never fear. I’ve come up with whole list of costumes that are totally festive, but not in that “Hey everybody, look at me!” kind of way. You know what I mean.
Introverts unite.

Where’s Waldo Costume

Where’s Waldo is perfect for any of those awkward Halloween social events. Just normal enough that you’ll be totally comfortable, but recognizable enough that you get full points for dressing up.
Better yet? Most people can find most of these things right in their own closet.
However, if you don’t happen to own a red stripe shirt or beanie, I’ve got you covered there, too. It’s super cheap to pull this outfit together online, and have it delivered to you in two days or less.

Shop your own closet for this Where’s Waldo Halloween costume! Or, you can shop the look here:

Or, just go out and buy a Where’s Waldo costume – they’re pretty inexpensive!

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Shop your own closet for free and fabulous costumes this Halloween! Love this bank robber costume idea.

And here:

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