Be Minecraft Valentine’s Day Printable

Is your little one obsessed with Minecraft? I feel you. Dub has the game, the app and the collection of hardcover books that he studies relentlessly. It’s Minecraft hysteria up in here.

Be Minecraft Free Printable Valentine | Five Marigolds

I knew I had to make his Valentine Minecraft-themed. I just wasn’t finding the right thing, so I had to create it myself. I was most inspired by this adorable candy wrap by Simple as That, but really didn’t want to buy a full box of Mike & Ike candy for each of his classmates *cough*cheap*cough* and I was too lazy to cut out those adorable tags of hers. I know, this says a lot about me.

So I went to work creating a wrap for a standard box of conversation hearts. Once it’s printed, I helped cut out the wraps, and then I put Dub to work wrapping the box, using stick glue to seal it on the side, and he signs the back. Done (I love when a good plan comes together).

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Want to use these for yourself? Download the free printable here.

What do you think of these Be Minecraft Valentines?  Tell me about it below – I love your feedback! Minecraft Valentine | Five Marigolds

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12 thoughts on “Be Minecraft Valentine’s Day Printable

  1. Elizabeth says:

    OMG!! That’s the BOMB!! for BFF’s!! <3
    Ahem…I mean this looks great for classmates. I particularly like that I can get all three of my Minecraft obsessed girls to do most of the work themselves (a small assist for my 4 y/o). Making valentines for 25 kids X three classes + teachers, EA's, etc. = not on my list of favourites.
    Great ideas here and nicely done.

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