Neutral, Classic Dining Room Refresh

One Room Challenge, Fall 2017

My husband grew up in a very old, beautiful home. Brick exterior, formal sitting rooms, laundry chutes, wood floors, and wallpaper. Lots of layers of wallpaper from the many years of redecorating by former owners.

When he was a teenager and wanted to change the look of his old wallpapered bedroom, he was given full reign…as long as he stripped the wallpaper first.

As a result, I married a man who greatly dislikes wallpaper.

Wallpaper removal, to be specific.

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I, on the other hand, liberally pin wallpaper inspiration on Pinterest. There are so many designs and colors that inspire me.

In my imagination, I see a different wallpaper for every room of my house.

But, my husband’s history with wallpaper removal and my indecisiveness are a potential lethal combination that will make our Dining Room Refresh an interesting process.

Right now, our dining room is clean and simple. Very much a blank space…but in a good way.

We have light walls, a builder grade pendant light, and the same kitchen table we’ve used and abused for the past 13 years.Updated neutral eat in dining room - One Room Challenge

With three small kids, we’re not looking to invest a ton in this area. For us, the kitchen table is a place to gather, share meals, craft, celebrate, entertain, and do homework. Updated neutral eat in dining room - One Room Challenge

I don’t want to mess things up by making things really fussy. I like that this is a table the kids can “accidentally” get paint or marker on without getting in trouble. There is beauty in an well used table, after all.Updated neutral eat in dining room - One Room Challenge

So for this fall One Room Challenge, I’ve opted for a room refresh that will update this space and set it apart from our open living space, but stay classic and contemporary. Useful, family friendly accents, updated lighting, and yes – hopefully some wallpaper. I pulled together a rough mood board to help me think through the casual chic vibe I’m going for.Updated neutral eat in dining room - One Room Challenge

Then, I tried to get fancy and play with some interior design software. This feels good to me.Updated neutral eat in dining room - One Room Challenge

You may have noticed these don’t in any way resemble my floors. I’m a beginner 3D interior designer. I tried.

Updated neutral eat in dining room - One Room Challenge

In fact, none of these elements are my exact vision, but still the general feel is still there. Simple. Updated. Classic. My style.Updated neutral eat in dining room - One Room Challenge

I hope you will join me for the six week One Room Challenge. If you’re new here, I hope you’ll also take a moment to check out my very first One Room challenge, here.

Your first assignment? Help me think through wallpaper. I like so many styles, but I’m honing in on large scale prints in black and white or blues and white. Which is your favorite? 1, 2 or 3? Please tell me in the comments below.Updated neutral eat in dining room - One Room Challenge

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2 thoughts on “Neutral, Classic Dining Room Refresh

  1. Libbie says:

    Beautiful family! Love where you are going with this. The family friendly yet soft and comfortable feel you have going feels so modern. I, like your hubby, have been scared for life by wallpaper so I am hesitant to chose. (Which is actually hilarious as I will attach just about anything else to a wall!!). 🙂 I can’t wait to see where your space ends up.

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