Marbled Fall Leaf Sugar Cookie Cutouts

These beautiful marbled fall leaf sugar cookieS resemble the changing fall leaves – no icing required!

I’ve recently come across some super cute ideas using colored dough for pasta, breads and cookies and have been wanting to try for myself. The truth is, I’m always looking for the easiest way to frost (or not frost, if I’m being honest) cookies and this seemed like a pretty and no-hassle solution! You’re going to LOVE this easy fall leaf sugar cookie recipe.

What better way to experiment with colored dough than by showing off the colors of the season? Break out your fall cookie cutters and let’s make some fall leaf sugar cookies!

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You’ll want to use some red, green, yellow, and orange food coloring to simulate fall colors. 

For the cookies, we used my easy vanilla almond sugar cookie recipe – only we chose to add a hint of maple flavoring instead of almond – it just seemed right for our fall theme!

The trick to getting the perfect marbled effect for these cutout sugar cookies is to tear off little bits of the dough to form a bit of a mosaic, and then knead just a few times.

If you knead the dough too much it creates a solid brown color which still tastes great, but doesn’t have the same visual effect we’re going for here! Otherwise, this is pretty fool proof.

You guys. This recipe is so stinkin’ easy, especially when you start with my trusty sugar cookie dough recipe for this fall leaf cutout sugar cookie experiment.

Once you have made your cutout sugar cookies, use a pairing knife to lightly press the veins of the leaves. Refrigerate each pan of cookie cutouts for about 10 minutes before baking to help them retain this pretty shape.

We had originally intended to add a clear donut glaze, but in the end we didn’t need it. If you want to go for a more “professional Look”, rather than homemade, you could add a glaze to give it that special effect!

Aren’t they beautiful?

Are you ready to make these fall leaf sugar cookies? Here is everything you need to get started:

  1. The best vanilla almond sugar cookie cutouts recipe
  2. Leaf cookie cutters
  3. Gel food coloring

I’d love to see how yours turn out, so please share them with me! Enjoy!

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  1. J.J. says:

    Saw your cute Maple Fall Leaf Sugar Cookies and thought this would be a prefect recipe for this Fall. However upon close review of the recipe, there is NO mention of how much maple extract to use nor the quantity of food coloring. I also realized there is NO “print” option for the recipe. Wish all of the above mentioned had been included.

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