Homemade Vanilla Extract Gifts

Homemade Vanilla Extract Gifts Make a Thoughtful and delicious DIY Christmas PRESENT

I’ve always wanted to make my own homemade vanilla extract. I finally made my first batch early this spring. My goal was to make a large batch to keep some for myself, and to share with others for gifts at Christmas.

Vanilla extract is a thoughtful, DIY gift for nearly any recipient: friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, teachers, or holiday hostesses. After all, nearly everyone keeps vanilla extract in their pantry, right?

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Like I said, I started with a large batch using 4 cups of vodka. You could also use rum for a richer flavor, if that is your preference.

I wanted to make a double-fold (strong) vanilla, so I used 6 vanilla beans per cup of vodka. Since this is about infusing flavor, I chose to use Grade B Tahitian vanilla beans. I couldn’t find them at the grocery store but found good quality beans online.


Slice the vanilla beans length-wise the add to the vodka in an airtight container (I used a mason jar).

Store in a dark, dry place. Take it out every once and awhile and give the jar a little swirl to keep it marinating.

The longer it soaks, the better! Ideally, it should soak for 10-12 months. Here is what mine looked like after 1 month.


Here is what it looked like after 8 months. Such a beautiful, caramel color. I already used this in a few baked goods with excellent results. This will be even better in just a couple more months!


I found some inexpensive vanilla extract bottles online that are the perfect size for gifting. I got my labels at an etsy shop.

Aren’t they adorable? Who wouldn’t love to receive one of these?!



The best part is that this is a gift that keeps on giving.  Keep adding more vodka as you use the extract.


When you’re ready to replace the beans, scrape the insides of the previously used vanilla beans for baking, homemade ice cream, or to make vanilla sugar!

You can also make lots of other extracts at home. Check out this article on making your own lemon extract, mint extract, almond extract, and more!

homemade vanilla, lemon, mint and other xtracts

Do you have any questions about making your own DIY vanilla extract gifts? Or, are you ready to give it a try? Let me know in the comments below!

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