Teen and Tween Boy Gift Guide $20 or Less

These gifts and stocking stuffers will be a hit with the teen or tween boy in your life – each for $20 or less!

I debated putting together any gift guides this year. But I’m a little more organized than usual with my holiday shopping, so I was inspired to put together this gift guide for teen and tween boys. 

Everything here is less than $20, which make them the perfect stocking stuffers! Best of all, I know my teen boy would love every single thing here. 


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  1. Far Side Calendar I’ve been looking for a current Far Side calendar for years. My son loves Far Side comics, so I was super excited to see this day by day calendar so he can enjoy them daily in 2022!
  2. Secret puzzle box – Gift cards are a go-to gift for teen boys, so why not make it a little more fun to give and receive Christmas morning? This fun puzzle box will keep them entertained, and can store small items and trinkets year-round.
  3. Carhartt Beanie – These beanies are all the style and much-needed here in Chicagoland! Grab them in a few colors.
  4. Book safe – How fun is this? You can buy a book safe in several colors and styles. Choose from a combination lock or a key lock to store secret treasures.
  5. HydroFlask – looking for something that will get used daily? A HydroFlask is a no-brainer and this one is  a great price at $20!  
  6. Bob Ross Chia Pet This was a big hit with my son last year and comes with several packets of seedlings so this gets more than one use. 
  7. Whole Geodes – I happen to know teen guys like smashing things, so why not give them permission with these whole geodes? Plus, they just look cool to display in their bedroom.
  8. Multi tool – Need something to smash those geodes? This multi-tool is a great starter item for handy  teens and tweens and includes and axe, hammer, pliers, and more.
  9. Ear buds are always a good idea, and these are especially great because of the price point. My teen is prone to losing things, and these would be a lot easier to stomach. 
  10. Snacks from around the world – this is a fun idea that keeps on giving. Get sweet and savory snacks from Japan, India, New Zealand, Canada, and more!
  11. My son is a root beer enthusiast, so I love the idea of getting a Freezer mug and a variety pack of soda or root beer.

What would you add to this teen and tween boy gift guide for less than $20? Tell me in the comments below!

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