Faux Pallet Sign in 10 Minutes

Do you love the look of those great pallet signs on Pinterest (my own version here!), but not the time and labor that goes into them? You’re in luck! Today I’m going to share with you how to make a faux pallet sign in just 10 minutes using inexpensive wood print paper.

Valentine's Day Faux Pallet Barn Wood Sign | www.fivemarigolds.com

I wanted a cute wood sign for Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t want to commit to a heart theme in my home with the real deal. I upcycled a large canvas that didn’t fit my color scheme any longer as my base. You could thrift a canvas or use a piece of plywood for the same look.

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I had a roll of this inexpensive weather wood paper that I’ve used as a photo prop in the past. I sprayed adhesive spray onto the canvas and then laid my paper on top, using a piece of flat cardboard to smooth out any air bubbles.. I then placed it face-down and trimmed to size using my rotary cutter. The adhesive paint is forgiving if you need to remove and re-adhere it if necessary, even after it’s dry.

I very lightly dry brushed some white paint onto the paper. It’s important that you dry paint very, very lightly using multiple coats as needed to avoid wrinkling (I learned the hard way). If you get it too wet and experience wrinkles, all is not lost! You can lay a heavy flat object on top overnight to help correct the wrinkles.

That’s it – faux pallet wood decor on the cheap! What do you think? Would you ever decorate with faux pallet art in your own home?


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