Vintage Dollhouse Remodel Part VI: Living Room

Doll House Living Room Makeover

This week we’re moving the vintage dollhouse remodel to the main floor living room.Vintage Dollhouse Remodel: Living Room for less than $10|

I love these adorable sets by Le Toy Van, Hape and Plan Toy.

Le Toy Van Daisylane Living Room   Hape Miniature Living Room Furniture  Plan Toy miniature Living Room furniture .

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To fit my budget, however, I purchased this inexpensive set online and made a few modifications.

I left the couch and chair frames as-is, and re-sewed very simple cushions to give it a woven tweed look. I sewed  pillows to give the room a little pop of color. I used scrapbook “wallpaper” for a grasscloth affect, and more of the textured scrapbook paper rug (also used in the boy room) that fit the modern look.

I added large art to the wall that I sourced for free from designlovefest (love that site for free desktop art!) and shrunk to scale. Side note: I need to find a way to incorporate beach photography in my own home – can that even be pulled off in the Midwest?!

Vintage Dollhouse Remodel: Living Room for less than $10|

I got a little crafty with the end tables and ottoman. For the ottoman, I used this bottle cap tutorial I pinned online, and applied it to a little plastic box I had.

I attempted to recreate miniature versions of these inspiration end tables:World Market Tribal End Table

I used hairspray caps and hot glued in a criss cross (jump! jump!) pattern. I then gave them a coat of white spray paint. I think someone more skilled with a glue gun could have aced this project.  I’d say mine are functional and passable as end tables, at best. 🙂Vintage Dollhouse Remodel: Living Room for less than $10|

I painted the entertainment center and electronics. I then added some miniature books from other rooms in the house, and folded some cozy blankets.Vintage Dollhouse Remodel: Living Room for less than $10|

Price Breakdown: Bath and Laundry Room

  • Wallpaper and rug: $0.50*
  • Furniture: $8.54
  • End tables and ottoman: $0*
  • Art and accessories: $0.00 *
  • TOTAL = $9.04

*Used materials I already had on hand.

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11 thoughts on “Vintage Dollhouse Remodel Part VI: Living Room

  1. Whitney says:

    This is so cute! When I saw this thumbnail picture in the Ginger Snap Crafts link party, it just looked like a picture of a real life sized modern living room. You do such a great job!

  2. Sam says:

    Are you kidding me? This is so adorable, I wish it was my living room!!! I don’t have any girls, but if I did I definitely make them this!

  3. lana says:

    Love it! I always wanted a doll house when I was little. We couldn’t afford one when I was little. And I had two boys, so I never bought them one!

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