DIY Marquee Letter Board

Make the Ultimate DIY Letter Board

Well, hello there (as the sign says)! Today I’m sharing a tutorial for my latest home project: a DIY Letter Board. If you’re been wanting to create a marquee board for your entryway, kitchen, or even a kid’s room, you’re going to love this project!

DIY Marquee Letter Board

Why I Love This DIY Letter Board

I’ve been wanting to take on a fun project, and was initially inspired by the marquee signs that are all over Instagram these days. Totally cute, but just not something I can envision in my home as a permanent fixture.

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I’ve also been crushing on all the beautiful felt letter boards out there, but they are out of my price range.

So as usual, I improvised and found a super simple way to make my own – on a budget, of course. The result is a unique and impressive piece of wall art that will surpass the current trend.

I love that it’s unique to our home and matches our decor. And let’s be real, using the letter board letters to spell out funny sayings keeps life more interesting!

Let’s get started!

How to Make a DIY Message Board


    • Particle board, cut to your desired size – I chose board that was already primed white to make things easier
    • Two sizes of Balsa Wood strips from the craft store or grab them online here
    • Wood glue
    • Inexpensive wood (I used 1×4″) for the frame, and the wood stain of your choice
    • Clear, flexible plastic from the craft or office supply store
    • 4″ Adhesive Vinyl Letters

One of the best things about this little project is that I can use leftover particle board from Dub’s engineer prints project. It cuts down on waste and saves money, which is always nice.

particle board for the diy letter board

Then, to create the ledges for the letters to sit on, I bought some strips of Balsa wood from the craft store. I bought two sizes: 3/8″ wide, and then a much smaller square strip.

I cut the wooden sticks to size to fit the width of the board, then glued them together like this.

diy letter board slates

Next I measured and re-measured (measure twice, cut once and all that) my particle board, using wood glue to attach the wood ledges to the board, making sure they are evenly spaced.

Finish your letter board off with a simple DIY wood frame. You can use something similar to what I made for the DIY engineer prints in Dub’s room and the DIY Proverbs 31 Canvas frame in Eve’s Room.

You can also get a frame from the craft store, Amazon, or Target. Just make sure that you’re using a premade frame to measure your board to fit inside the space properly.

inexpensive diy frames

I’m a huge fan of these inexpensive, DIY frames!

Finally, I cut some clear, flexible crafting sheets to size and affixed 4″ vinyl letters. (I’ve also heard this works great for the sheets).

cutting the strips for the letter board

The result? An awesome handmade message board! I mean, if the marquee sign and vintage letter board had a baby, this is what I think it would look like, right?

DIY Marquee Letter Board

DIY Letter Board Ideas

Whether you want to make a clean, white letter board or you prefer a more customized look, here are some ideas to make your letter board you own.

  • Christmas Letter Board – Greet your guests with a jolly holiday message and add some holly or a snowman to the frame for a festive touch.
  • Kid’s Room – Spell out your kiddo’s name with some playful words with their letter board letters
  • Kitchen Message Board – Use this in your kitchen to keep you family in the loop on dinner plans
  • Fall Letterboard – Fall is always fun to decorate for, so why not add some colorful leaves and a catchy pumpkin spice latte saying to your letter board?

DIY Marquee Letter Board

This wooden letter board gets a lot of attention at my house, and you can clearly see I have endless witty sayings to add to it, like “DIY Letter Board”. Okay well…maybe I could use some help with my messages.

Every hipster home in America has a felt letter board or a marquee sign, but I’m just gonna say, these wooden changeable letter signs are where it’s at.

DIY Marquee Letter Board

They’re unique enough for the hipsters and simple enough for the minimalists. You can even rough up the paint a bit and it’d work well in a farm house style home.

Of course, you’ll have to come up with your own hilarious sayings to post, but one of my favorites is this shout out for all the sassy type of moms who listen to 90’s gangsta rap when they work out or clean house. You know…if that type of person even exists. Ahem.

Word to your mother.

DIY Marquee Letter Board

What do you think of my DIY Letter Board? What would your letter board say?

24 thoughts on “Make the Ultimate DIY Letter Board

  1. Lauren Riemer says:

    This would be on cute in a guest room too! You could add a wakeup time or like Internet password or a cute welcome message.

    • fivemarigolds says:

      Hi Kathryn, I mostly used my Rotary Cutter but have also used a sharp pair of scissors (I find myself cutting new/more letters over time!). The plastic is thin enough that it cuts through easily!

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