DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Christmas Crafts You’ll actually want to display

Time to get your craft on! Today I’m excited to share four projects perfect for kids. Even better? They look so good you’ll actually want to display them on the fancy, do-not-touch tree.

Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean.

These projects are so kid-friendly you won’t have to finish them by yourself. Mom win all around! DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids: Snowglobes, Christmas Tree Truck, sequins and sparkles. #RollAwayLint #ad

To begin, pull together your supplies. I started with a set of four clear plastic ornaments and a snow globe, then gather assorted glitter, sequins, ribbon and bristle brush trees. Now, let’s get started!DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids #RollAwayLint #ad

Disco Ball Ornament – This project is perfect for the youngest crafters! Simply gather glitter, sequins, and assorted bits of tinsel or  foil ribbon and let them go!DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids #RollAwayLint #ad

If you’re a neat freak like me, you might be feeling heart palpitations at the thought of setting a toddler loose with glitter. Never fear – I’ll show you how to take care of that a little later…DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids #RollAwayLint #ad

Bringing Home the Tree Ornament – It doesn’t get any simpler than this! Take a used or new toy car and tie one of your bristle brush trees to the top with bakers twine. Done! Because my kids felt cheated that no glitter was involved in this one, we lightly brushed the tree with craft glue and sprinkled some iridescent glitter so it would shimmer in the lights.

DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids #RollAwayLint #ad

Custom Snow Globe – This craft was a household favorite! First, I shrunk a photo of the kids and printed it out on photo paper. Then, I trimmed the image, leaving about a half inch at the bottom so I could fold it over to stand it up. I glued the photo to the base of the globe along with a bristle brush tree. Then, I filled the globe with fake snow flakes and iridescent glitter. DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids #RollAwayLint #ad

How fun is this? We elected not to make it a wet globe for now. If we decide to make it a wet globe, we plan to laminate the photo before adding water and a smidge of glycerin.Required fields are marked *

Christmas Tree – We made this last ornament by simply gluing a bristle brush tree inside an ornament and adding fake snow flakes. We love the way the flakes stick to the sides, making it look like a real snow globe!DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids #RollAwayLint #ad

Of course, when these projects are complete, your craft room will look like a glitter bomb exploded. DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids #RollAwayLint #ad

What do you think of my DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids #RollAwayLint #ad

DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids: Snowglobes, Christmas Tree Truck, sequins and sparkles. #RollAwayLint #ad

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