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Printables for Back to School

It’s hard to believe in just a week the kids will be back to school. I mean, WHY does summer break have to go so fast?

Summer break always seems to fly by, doesn’t it? Before school starts back, I wanted to share with you my new favorite part of school lunch making.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know I love a good encouraging lunchbox note! This year, I’ve created my favorite, ever: Secret Message Lunchbox Notes!Secret Message Lunchbox Notes | Five Marigolds

My oldest is getting to that delicate age where he’s still just a little boy, but you know…cool. So I decided to pull a covert operation and design some notes that are  a mix of cool and mushy, but most of all…secret. All the mushiness stays between us.

I know that he will appreciate the cute lunchbox notes, while still being able to keep it cool with all of his friends at the lunch table. There are different ways to approach this but I elected for these super cool secret lunchbox notes that only he can see and read!

Nobody outgrows a cute lunchbox note from mom….like this encouragement to Gear Up for a Great Day.

What is not easily viewable to the naked eye becomes clear when red film is placed over this note, I purchased inexpensive file dividers that I used for mine, but a clear red water bottle would work great, as well. Secret Message Lunchbox Notes | Five Marigolds

I made a solid week of these transforming messages into lunchbox notes. Some are just to say, “hi.” Secret Message Lunchbox Notes | Five Marigolds

There is also a little encouragement. In our family we like to say, “It’s a good day for a good day.” Secret Message Lunchbox Notes | Five Marigolds

Most importantly, I found a sneaky and fun way to sneak in an, “I love you.” Secret Message Lunchbox Notes | Five Marigolds

I think these lunchbox notes are a “cool” way to make my big kid’s lunch a little more fun, don’t you? Secret Message Lunchbox Notes | Five Marigolds

Secret Message Lunchbox Notes | Five Marigolds

Today,  I’m making my secret message lunchbox notes available as a free download for my readers!

Get these secret lunchbox notes available to you as a free download here!

⬇︎Click here to download Secret Message Lunchbox Notes⬇︎

Secret Message Lunchbox Notes | Five MarigoldsSecret Message Lunchbox Notes | Five Marigolds


I hope you enjoy these free lunchbox note printables!

I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!Secret Message Lunchbox Notes | Five Marigolds


12 thoughts on “Secret Message Lunchbox Notes

  1. Lisa says:

    This is such a sweet idea. Our children are grown but I used to love leaving little notes in their lunches. What a great contest, if I lived in the US I would definitely enter!

  2. Patricia @ Grab a Plate says:

    Love your creative ideas! I’m sharing w/ a friends who is exactly in the same spot of “in between-ness” as you! Thanks!

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