DIY Writing Skills Workbook

custom Writing Skills Workbook for less than $1

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Create a custom writing skills workbook in minutes

When I was a young kid, I was blown away one day when my dad brought home a little toy doctor kit, little candies (aka pills – it was the 80’s, okay?) and flashcards for me.

Not an earth shattering story, right?

Except, my parents NEVER just brought home gifts for no reason, so it’s a memory that firmly planted itself in my mind.

Only recently, (many, many years later)I learned the rest of the story.DIY Writing Skills Workbook Kindergarten Back To School

My parents had just had a parent teacher conference where my teacher expressed concern over my math skills. She was worried I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with my peers.

I never knew any of this. Instead of coming home and telling me my teacher had concerns, they stayed quiet. Instead of insisting I double-up on math homework to keep up, they did something much smarter.

They motivated me. They simply gave me a gift that would inspire me to fill in the blanks.

It worked.

While I probably ate all of the candy before the math equations became part of my junior medical practice, the impact was the same. Math never was my favorite subject, but I was always able to keep up and get good grades.

So recently, when we discovered ‘Belle struggling a bit with her big and small letters and numbers in Kindergarten, I was inspired by my parents’ tactics. This is how I came to create a custom Writing Skills Workbook for her.

Lately, she’s been obsessed with YouTube videos of Playmobil toys acting out little stories. One of her favorite aspects of Kindergarten this year has been taking the bus to school every day.

DIY Writing Skills Workbook Kindergarten Back To School

I decided to create a custom book for her using her favorite PLAYMOBIL School Bus toy to help her practice writing letters and numbers. Click the shoppable image below to buy yours.


Because Playmobil toys have such a strong attention to detail, this project was as easy as pulling out my phone and taking photos of the toys and highlighting the vocabulary she would use. For example, I took a photo of a school bus.
DIY Writing Skills Workbook Kindergarten Back To School
I printed the photos at home and added them to a simple photo album that I got for $0.50 at Walmart.
Then, I found a template for Kindergarten ruled paper and printed the words “Bus”, “A bus”, and “yellow”, in light gray so she could trace the words with a dry erase marker.
DIY Writing Skills Workbook Kindergarten Back To School
We did the same with the little figurines.DIY Writing Skills Workbook Kindergarten Back To School
We used the vocabulary, “boy,” “girl,” “hat,” “shoes,” “shirt” and “pants.”
DIY Writing Skills Workbook Kindergarten Back To School
And, of course, she loves to use her imagination and play “school.” 🙂 We used this toy to help her prepare for her first day and weeks at school, and she and her sister have gotten so much mileage out of it, together.
DIY Writing Skills Workbook Kindergarten Back To School

Whether you’re looking for a toy that will spark the imagination of your child or something to help their social and cognitive skills we love these toys! I’m obsessed with the creative and imaginative ideas over at Playmobil and can’t wait to try some of them with ‘Belle.

Then, stop by Walmart for the full assortment – including the PLAYMOBIL School Bus.
DIY Writing Skills Workbook Kindergarten Back To School

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