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Peppa Pig printables, favors, and inexpensive birthday party ideas.

Looking for a super easy, inexpensive birthday party favor that kids will actually use? Look no further than these “It’s Pinwheelie Fun” Peppa Pig party favors.

I’m planning my daughter’s upcoming birthday party, and since she’s a huge Peppa Pig fan, it was easy choosing a theme. I had so much fun researching Peppa Pig party ideas, and came up with a Peppa Pig picnic party theme.

To go with the bright, cheerful theme, I decided on combining two kid obsessions for our Peppa Pig party favors:  bubbles and pinwheels.It's Pinwheelie Fun Birthday Favors + Peppa Pig Free Printables | Five Marigolds

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I designed a printable label to double as a party favor thank you. Party word plays are the best word plays, so naturally the favors read, “It’s Pinwheelie Fun.”It's Pinwheelie Fun Birthday Favors + Peppa Pig Printables | Five Marigolds

I love the way they add to the outdoor picnic theme, and best of all, when the party is over the favors go home with my little guests. Less cleanup!

What do you think of my Peppa Pig printables? If you are Inspired by this idea and want to use it for your own Peppa Pig party, I’m making the bubble wrapper available to my readers here:

Peppa Pig Printables:

>>Download Free Peppa Pig Printable Wrappers here <<

Peppa Pig Printables: Bubbles make excellent Peppa Pig Party Favors!

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It's Pin-Wheelie Fun Birthday Favors + Free Printable | Five Marigolds

17 thoughts on “Pinwheel Party Favors + Peppa Pig Printables

  1. Natalie says:

    Pinwheels are such a fun party favor. I love that you attached them to bubbles. My kids would have bee ecstatic. There is nothing they enjoy more than blowing bubbles and racing around with pinwheels at the same time! Thanks so much for the idea!

  2. Elizabeth O says:

    Those are so adorable and a great way to brighten a room at a kids party. Bet all the moms with little ones would love it.

  3. Allison says:

    These are adorable! I wish my kids were still little so I could make these for them! Think they’d like than at their hs graduation party? Why not!

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