Loving Lately: Back To School Must Haves

Back to school Must Haves for Boys

Loving Lately: Top 10 Back To School Must Haves for Boys | Five Marigolds


Since I’m on a roll about all-things BTS lately, I decided to share a few of my back to school must haves. These are items I’ve found that work especially well and make my life easier…or just more attractive :).

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Loving Lately: Top 10 Back To School Must Haves for Boys | Five Marigolds

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  1. When given the choice of headphones vs. earbuds, headphones always win for my kids. Not only are they more comfortable and offer better sound, but they help to block the loud distractions of the classroom or bus.
  2. Think outside of the popsicle for these silicone molds: these are also great for matchstick carrots, trail mix, applesauce, cottage cheese, and condiments like salad dressings or ketchup!
  3. We love these water bottles at our house for the flip-top spout and creative designs.
  4.  Not only are these dog tags cool, but they’re great for chewing to release excess energy.
  5. No explanation needed for this cute tee, but I extra love that it has a one-year guarantee.
  6. These pencils are not only super cute, but kids can get right to the point with this fun design that is helpful for fidgeters.
  7. You need these laces – immediately. My kids hate to tie their shoes, and struggle to get them tied tightly. This has eliminated all anxiety at school as they change from their school shoes to their gym shoes. Best of all – they are totally discreet and look like standard laces.
  8. A pencil pouch with a grill? Yes, please! Great for storing pencils, erasers, jump drives and ear buds.
  9. I’m a huge fan of reusable snack bags, but they get a little too cutesy for the big kids. I found this design that is totally acceptable with the lower school crowd.

What are you favorite back to school essentials and hacks? Please tell me in the comments below!


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