Backpack Charms Valentines Printables

Backpack charms: The Charm-ing Way to say, “happy Valentine’s Day”

These free backpack charms valentines printables are cool enough, even for big kids and tweens. We love pairing them with emoji and squishy charms.

Today I’m excited to share a new, gender-neutral Valentine’s Day printable that is perfect for the big kids: Backpack Charms Valentines.Backpack Charms Valentine's Day Printables

These valentines are a breeze to put together and are perfect for those emoji and squishy keychain charms that are all the rage these days.Backpack Charms Valentine's Day Printables

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It’s a valentine that will actually get used!

Even better, it’s NOT candy.Backpack Charms Valentine's Day Printables

I got the idea from a neighbor who was passing out similar keychain charms at Halloween, and just lemme tell ya: the kids came flocking. Boys, girls, young, and “big kids” alike were all over the bag charms.


Borrowing a great theme, I created these fun backpack charms valentines  that are perfect for boys and girls alike.

I've got your back backpack charm valentine printables for Valentine's Day. Gender neutral valentines. | Five Marigolds

Just download your free valentine printables (see far below). Set your printer to “print the full image” and print on some basic cardstock.

I've got your back backpack charm valentine printables for Valentine's Day. Gender neutral valentines. | Five Marigolds

Just cut them out, sign your name, add a single hole punch, and attach your charm.

Quickest DIY valentines, ever.

Backpack Charms Valentine's Day Printables

Where to get the cheapest Backpack Charms and squishies

I used these inexpensive charms, but I’m thinking about also grabbing these awesome squishy charms, too. Really, any charm or keychain you choose will work.

Backpack Charms Valentine's Day Printables


Do you like these backpack charms valentines? I’m happy to share these with you today! In exchange, I’d be thrilled if you would spread the word about this freebie on Pinterest or Facebook!

>>access free backpack charms valentine here <<colorful backpacks with contrasting backgrounds. Text reads, "I've got your back."

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Backpack Charms Valentine's Day Printables

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  1. Katherine says:

    Omg these are SO cute and totally make me miss Valentine’s Day in grade school. But now I just can’t wait to have my own little babe that I send off with cute and fun Valentine’s gifts! <3

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