Princess Party Favors: Candy Necklace Cards

Planning Eve’s birthday party each year is always so much fun coming up with new themes. And this year we’re doing a Princess Birthday Party. Making adorable decorations and favor bags has been a blast. Get all the details on how to make these Princess party favor candy necklace cards for your next party!

Princess Party Ideas

There are so many princess birthday party ideas flooding the internet. After wading through endless princess stuff, I decided to use more of a traditional princess theme rather than a Disney princess party. I knew I wanted some custom party favors, but I didn’t really find anything out there I loved for purchase, so I decided I needed to create my own.

First up was the princess crown Candy Button favors. I love the nostalgic feel of the old-fashion candy combined with ultimate princess accessory.

Next up, candy necklace cards. These cute candy cards were the hit of the party. The girls just couldn’t love them more. Who wouldn’t love candy jewelry, right?

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Princess Candy Necklace Party Favors | Five Marigolds

How to Make a Candy Necklace Card

I’d seen a super cute concept online, but nothing princess themed. So, I created these myself in PhotoShop, using hair and dress colors that were inspired by Disney princesses, but with look that felt sweet and more classic.

I love how they turned out! I printed these sweet princesses on heavy cardstock. On the front I printed the princesses, then on the back I printed a thank you note for attending Eve’s party, written in Jellyka Delicious Cake font.

Princess Candy Necklace Party Favors | Five Marigolds

You could attach any type of candy to these cards, but I opted for candy necklaces that make it look like the princesses are wearing necklaces. They are the perfect size for these cards, and they make such a fun treat!

These edible jewelry cards are easy to make and only require a few supplies. You’ll need some candy necklaces, scissors, cardstock, and ribbon.

To attach the candy bracelets to the cards, I simply cut a slit on each side then hooked the candy bracelet on the card.

I love how these turned out!

The best part? This favor is very inexpensive – 10 favors for just $1 when you buy the candy bracelets from the Dollar Tree candy section. Or, buy them in bulk for just pennies more and less hassle. Package the princess cards in clear cellophane bags.

Princess Candy Necklace Party Favors | Five Marigolds

Fun Party Ideas

Princess I have no shame in sharing that I’m already planning to recycle these candy necklace cards for Valentine’s Day cards. They would be perfect for a little girl’s Valentine exchange at school!

You could also use them as place cards or thank you cards for a princess tea party. We had so much fun making these candy necklace cards and I hope your girls love them too!

Princess Party Favor Bags

In addition to the candy bracelets, I also sent the girls home with some pretty princess party favor bags.

These were very simple to put together and only took a few minutes. Here are a few ideas to add to your princess’ party favor bags:

  • Candy ring pop
  • Mini notepads & pens
  • Princess lipgloss
  • Hair clips
  • Stickers
  • Glow sticks
  • Plastic rings

I already had the candy cards, so this project only cost me a few dollars. The girls loved getting their own special bag of goodies to

What do you think? Would your little princess love to receive these as a party favor?

I’m offering them as a free printable to my subscribers! Download yours here:

Download your Princess Party Candy Necklace printable

You can also find the Valentine’s Day version here. It features girls AND boys for classroom distribution 🙂

I would love to see these printables in action. Please be sure to send me images of your princess parties!

These are so adorable! Printable candy necklace birthday party favor cards.

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  1. Erica says:

    These are the sweetest party favors! I would love if you would email me the prints! My daughter is having a princess themed party coming up here soon! Thank you for sharing your designs!

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    Love, love, love these. I would like to make for my granddaughters for Valentines Day and even thinking about using them as a favor for my a girlfriend’s dinner party. We are never too old to treat our friends like princesses. I would love the printable.

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    Love these, perfect for Valentines day favors. Could u please email the copy to me? Thanks so very much?

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    So, so cute! I have the ultimate princess loving girl. Would you mind sharing the printable? She would like to share with her class.

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    I appreciate the sharing!

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    I’m so relieved to find these! I have been searching all over for cute favors and these hit the ball out of the park! Did you have boys at the party? I don’t know party etiquette since this is my little one’s first bday. Maybe I’ll try to make little frogs or princes with crowns.

    • fivemarigolds says:

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble downloading the printable! After you go through the subscription process, you will receive a final e-mail that contains a link to a private page as well as a password. All of our free printables can be accessed there. I’ve sent you an e-mail with everything you need!

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    • fivemarigolds says:

      I’m sorry you’re having trouble downloading the printable! After you go through the subscription process, you will receive a final e-mail that contains a link to a private page as well as a password. All of our free printables can be accessed there. I’ve sent you an e-mail with everything you need!

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